The art of enameling goes back thousands of years.  There are many sites that delve into a fascinating array of aspects of this art form, which involves fusing glass to metal, and today’s materials go well beyond those used in cloisonné, plique a jour and other historical techniques.  Use of your web browser is recommended! Enamel Guild West is a group of enamel artists, primarily in San Diego County, but with world wide membership. Our purpose is to mutually enjoy and explore the art of enameling - in all it's various techniques - and encourage a broader interest and understanding of what we love. We manifest this in two ways: First is publication of The Vitreous Voice, which covers group and member activities and assorted items of interest to enamelists generally. In addition, the group operates workshops from time to time, where members can learn specific techniques from particular experts from around the United States. 
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