Posted Oct. 14,  2012
Barbara has been a friend of many Enamel Guild West members for many years, and the group was very excited to have the chance to visit an old friend and see current work, particularly in larger formats than many Americans use.  Her personal friendship with many leading European enamelists gives her a unique view of the current activities in this extraordinary medium. The presentation covered enamelists from  most of the European countries and touched on the future of enameling as she sees it, including the bringing of younger people to the medium.
Review of Current Enameling in Europe by Barbara Lipp, leading German Enamelist
October 13 2012 Tierrasanta Rec Center, San Diego California
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Barbara Lipp, lower right corner, narrating her slide show.
Barbara, center, with Edith Kahn, left and Louise Gillingham, right renewing a long standing friendship.
Animated discussion of a fine point of an enamel technique over refreshments.